Where Innovation is a Tradition


2011 :

  • Sami Labs inks Research Collaboration Agreement with National Institute of Medicinal Materials (NIMM), Ministry of Health, Vietnam for Research & Development of Viatnamese Traditional Medicinal Plants.

2010 :

  • Received the first Patent in China for “Process For Preparing Water Soluble Diterpenes And Their Applications”.
  • Sami Labs inks an agreement with CIPLA to market its drug, Sornip for Psoriasis in Indian Market.
  • Sami’s Kunigal plant near Bangalore, India received Bureau Veritas ISO 22000 Certification.

2009 :

  • American Herbal Products Association - Herbal Industry Leader Award.

2008 :

  • DCGI approves Sami Labs’s natural drug for Psoriasis.
  • NABL accreditation for Laboratories of Sami Labs Limited.
  • Continuous Extraction plant Started at Dobaspet, Karnataka.
  • Sabinsa receives NBJ Supplement Ingredient Product Merit Award for Curcumin C3 Complex®

2007 :

  • Office opened in South Africa for marketing.

2006 :

  • Sami Labs receives the DCGI approval to manufacture and market Ocufors(1% Forskolin - Approval No.MF-6746/06), a natural drug for treating Glaucoma.
  • Awarded a product merit award by Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) for the brand L- (+) Selenomethionine compound, Selenium SeLECT®, and an Investment in Science and Research award for ForsLean®.
  • Received the 17th US Patent (US Patent # 6,99,8502) for the “A Convenient Process Of Manufacture For Difluromethylornithine and Related Compounds.
  • Received the 16th US Patent (US Patent # 6,982,273) for the “Composition and methods containing bioavailable Se-methyl-L-Selenochysteine for human and veterinary use.

2005 :

  • Received the 4th European Patent (EP1341547) for the “Method of increased nutritional and cosmetic compositions containing active ingredients from the liquid endosperm of fresh green coconuts, and a method for obtaining the active ingredients.
  • Sabinsa's US Patent (No 6,849,645 ) for Tetrahydropiperine received Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for 2005.
  • Received the 14th US Patent (US Patent #6,849,645) for the “Method of increasedbioavailability of nutrients and pharmaceutical preparations with tetrahydropiperine and analogues and derivatives”.
  • Inaguaration of the new manufacturing facility at Kunigal, Karnataka.
  • Sami Labs felicitated its outstanding Coleus cultivators at a function held at Attur in Salem on 18th June.
  • Received the 3rd European Patent (EP0977564) for Forskolin for promoting Lean Body Mass, shifting the proportion of mass in favor of lean body mass, reducing fat tissue and encouraging weight loss.
  • Granted UK patent (GB 2380675) for “Method of increased bioavailability of nutrients and pharmaceutical preparation with tetrahydropiperine and its analogues and derivatives”.

2004 :

  • Sabinsa's US Patent (No5 ,804,596 ) for ForsLean® received the Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for 2004.
  • US patent #6,689,400 was issued for process of obtaining compositions of stable lutein and lutein derivatives.
  • US patent #6,794,537 was issued for manufacturing process for Se- Methyl-L-Selenocysteine.

2003 :

  • GarliSelect was introduced into the market.
  • Mumbai office opened for marketing and co-ordination of clinical research.
  • Cosmeceutical dosage forms developed for marketing - Johara™ Line of Cosmeceuticals were born.
  • US patent #6,607,712 was issued for Coleus Forskohlii oil for antimicrobial properties.
  • US patent #6,653,327 was issued for Tetrahydrocurcuminoids.
  • MGP Herbal (P) Ltd was acquired by Sami Labs Ltd for fast tracking HerbalCultivation .

2002 :

  • Super-Critical Fluid Extraction facility set up at Nelamangala.
  • DSIR Award for R&D efforts.

2001 :

  • The anti-obesity product Forslean® was voted as the best product of the year by Nutraceutical Industry Association – Nutracon in the US.
  • European patent issued on Bioprotectant composition, method of use and extraction process of Curcuminoids.
  • Office opened in Japan for marketing.

2000 :

  • Biotechnology Center established at Nelamangala, Bangalore.
  • Introduced Cosmecutical ingredients.
  • Tetrahydrocurcuminoids (White Turmeric) was introduced as a skin lightener into the US market. It has become Sami's flagship cosmecutical product.

1998 :

  • Coleus Forskohlii was introduced.
  • It was accepted as a major product for improving body composition.
  • US patent #5,804,596 for Forskohlin composition and use issued.
  • Sami Chemicals and Extracts Pvt Ltd renamed as Sami Labs Limited.

1997 :

  • New Jersey Technology Fast 50 Award.
  • Sabinsa listed again in the Inc 500 companies, ranking # 90.
  • Award for Export Performance for Spice products from President of India.
  • Dr Raj Bammi joins as Director & President, Sami Labs Limited. Dr Bammi holds MSand Ph.D from the University of California, California and has more than 25 years of experience with a major pharma group.

1996 :

  • Sabinsa was listed in the Inc 500 companies, ranking # 70.
  • First US patent awarded for the product Bioperine®.
  • A total Export-Oriented unit established at Kunigal, Bangalore.

1995 :

  • Received Basic Drug Award from President of India .
  • A number of products based on Indian herbal medicines were standardized by Sami research group.

1994 :

  • L-Selenomethionine introduced in India for the first time.

1993 :

  • Manufacturing facility set up at Singasandra.
  • Zinc Picolinate manufactured.

1992 :

  • Hydroxycitric acid from Garcinia Cambogia, Citrin® and Boswellia Serrata® were introduced and became a major export to the US by 1994.
  • R&D facility set up at Singasandra.

1991 :

  • Sami Chemicals and Extracts Pvt Ltd set up in Bangalore.
  • Sami started with the export of Gugulipid® standardized extract.