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Friday, May 14, 2004 14:00 IST
Our Bureau, Bangalore

Sami Labs chief selected for prestigious US Medal of Honor

Dr Muhammed Majeed, chairman and managing director of Bangalore-based Sami Labs Ltd, has been chosen for the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

The medal, instituted by the United States-based National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO), was presented at a function at the Ellis Island in New York on May 15.

Dr Majeed is the president and CEO of US-based Sabinsa Corporation and pioneered the introduction of several Indian based plant materials for the US nutritional industry. Sabinsa Corporation is a pioneer in the manufacture and introduction of several phyto-nutrients, specialty fine chemicals and probiotics in the US market.

As a pharmacy graduate he held progressively responsible research positions with US drug companies such as Pfizer, Carter Wallace and Paco Research. While pursuing his career, he also completed his Ph.D. in Industrial Pharmacy from St. John's University, Jamaica, New York in 1986. Dr. Majeed has over 25 years of pharmaceutical research experience in the pharmaceutical field.

Dr. Majeed has also received the Government of India awards twice, in 1995 and 1997. Sami Labs holds 13 international patents with 22 more in the pipeline. In 1999, Sabinsa Corporation was a finalist in the Thomas Alva patent award in the state of New Jersey.

Ellis Medal of Honor, established in 1986 by NECO, is named after the Ellis Island, New York, to pay homage to the ancestral groups that passed through the Island's gates prior to their admission as immigrants in the United States, and these ancestral groups over the years had created the unique ethnic and cultural tapestry in the US.

Previous awardees include former US Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, US Secretary of State Colin Powell, singer Frank Sinatra, boxing legend Muhammed Ali, tennis great Arthur Ashe, columnist Art Buchwald, business mogul Lee Iacocca and Nobel Prize winners Dr Gunter Blobel and Elie Wiesel.