Thursday, Dec 30, 2004

Sami Labs to unveil new brand of cosmetics

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Bangalore-based Sami Labs Ltd is preparing to launch its .own brand of cosmeceuticals in the country by March next year.

Dr Muhammed Majeed, Ma­naging Director. Sami Labs Ltd told Business Line that the new products will be intro­duced under the Johara brand and will include a range of skin care products. The com­pany is looking at adopting a multi-level marketing strate­gy to retail the Johara brand of cosmetics, he added.

The privately held company is also considering the possi­bility of an initial public offer (IPO) in the next couple of years, said Dr Majeed. There is a good possibility of the IPO being in India , he added.

Biotechnology research is emerging as an important business area for the company and an IPO could help finance its growth in this domain, he said: The Company also plans to enter the South American market over the next two years, Dr Majeed said. It also intends to consolidate its posi­tion in Europe over the next few months, he added.

Research and development is a key focus area for the company, which spends ap­proximately 10 per cent of its revenues on this activity, said Dr Majeed. The company has plans to move some of its bio­technology research to Kera­la, he added. Herbal farming is another area the company hopes to venture into in Ker­ala, he said. It already sources some herbs from the State through a contract farming ar­rangement, he added.

The company, which has revenues of $60 million, is a big supplier of cosmeceuticals to global cosmetics compa­nies. It also exports fine chem­icals, standardized extracts, nutraceuticals and specialty chemicals, and markets a range of Ayurveda based products.