Deccan Herald
September 18, 2006
Michael Patrao, Bangalore

New Biotech Revolution


Dr. Muhammed Majeed

Amidst all the hype surrounding biotechnology, Dr. Muhammed Majeed is creating a quiet revelation in this field. His company supplies products to the US and European market which are extracts from everyday ingredients like pepper, turmeric, tulsi, brahmi tamrid, Mujeed also ensures that farmers, from whom he outsourcers the supplies, are benefited.

Majeed is the Chairman and Managing Director of Bangalore based Sami Labs Limited which has 19 US Patents and corresponding international patents. “Another 24 patents are in the pipeline. It is a continuous process”, says the modest and unassuming scientist in a chat with metrolife.

His company is into the manufacturing of standardised herbal extracts, cosmeceuticals, probiotics, spice extract, phytochemicals and oils used in the nutritional, pharmaceutical and food industry.

“Though I am an NRI, I never really left India and always wanted to come back, In 1991, I set up Sami Labs Limited in Dobaspet in this city as I found it to be the nicest place in whole of South India”, he says.

Majeed who was born and brought up at Kollam in Kerala, completed his B Pharm from Trivandrum Medical college and went on to make it big in the US. In 1975, he went to America where he obtained his MS in Pharmacy from Long Island University, New York after which he obtained his PhD in Industrial Pharmacy from St John’s University, New York.

While Pursuing his studies in the US, he worked in some of the major pharma companies like Pfizer Inc, Carter Wallace and Paco Research, where he gained valuable experience in the latest technology in drug formulations.

In 1988, Majeed established Sabinsa Corporation in the state of New Jersey, USA with objective of importing and marketing generic drugs into the US for the drug molecules coming off patent. He then successfully integrated the latest technology with traditional Indian Practice of medicine called Ayurveda.

It was the beginning of a new success story when he came out with a line of products based on Ayurveda, with the actives of the drugs extracted from herbs.

It was Majeed who introduced to the Americans the curative effects of the time tested Ayurvedic treatment popular in India. By 2000 it became Complementary medicine and now it is called integrated medicine.

To facilitate the demand for innovative application based products, Sami Labs Limited (formerly known as Sami Chemicals & Extracts Limited) was set up in 1991 as singasandra in Bangalore as a quality assurance facility. Today the main thrust and focus of Sami Labs is on new product development and market-oriented research. To cater to the expanding global market, Sami Labs has presence and strategic alliances in USA. Europe, Japan, Australia, Middle East, and South Africa.

The global revenue of the company today stands approximately at USD 60 million (for 2004), with an employee strength of 50 people in USA, 700 in India and around 100 scientists worldwide.